Dear friend,

In the 20th century we have witnessed such a rise of science and technology that created a situation when we are not surprised by any novelty anymore. We have high hopes for 21st century, being sure that new materials, new technologies, new opportunities will be created that will open new doors for the humankind. And the key for these achievements is the knowledge and its dissemination. The establishment of current newsletter is for this purpose. Thus a platform is created, which will enable the representatives of various science branches to exchange their views on problem-solving with each other and make their achievements accessible to the world.

One could ask, weren’t there similar newsletters and journals? Where is this one positioned among them? The answer would be – yes, there are, but they are not enough and in some cases they do not satisfy the needs. It is similar to birth of a new child, when it is hoped they will become the best. And just like that the establishers of the newsletter expect a bright future for their creature. I am sure that publishing in the newsletter will be prestigious for many scientists around the globe.

Bulletin is included in the list of journals for doctoral and PhD dissertations adopted by SQC of the Republic of Armenia

Articles are published for free

With respects,

Head of the Coordinating Board Doctor of Technical Science Professor

Mher Markosyan


Dear colleague,

Thank you for visiting the website of the Bulletin of High Technology. I hope that here you will find helpful information about the structure, the procedure of article submission, printed materials and on other events.

Our goal is to provide a proper scientific level of the “Bulletin of High Technology”, where the results of their scientific works can print researchers from all over the world. Providing printing access in the bulletin is one of our important issues. The authors only need to keep the rules of the Bulletin and provide a high scientific level of the presented material.


By the quality of the Bulletin we are responsible before the international scientific community.

With respects,

Head of the Editorial Board,Doctor of Technical Science

Professor Hovhannes Tokmajyan