The article copyright Submission Format Requirements

Articles can be submitted in Armenian, English or Russian up to 14 p.

(titled “Economic” up to 24 p).

Sheet format A4, margins up , down, left , right 18 mm.

The fonts: Armenian – Unicode /GHEA Grapalat/, Russian, English – Times New Roman.

The space between the lines – 1,15


  1. The title of the article is given in the article’s submitted language , in capital letters, in Armenian 11, Russian and English 12 bold font size at the right bottom of the page.
  2. Universal Decimal Classification consisting of 6 symbols at least is given in the left corner of the next page.
  3. A line down , in the middle , the article’s submitted language , the title, capital letters, in Armenian 12, Russian and English 14 bold font size.
  4. Two lines down, from the left, in the article’s submitted language, the review of the author’s name and surname, initial affiliation, in Armenian 11, Russian and English 12 bold font size
  5. Aline , from the left, in the article’s submitted language, ( Italic) is given the name of the organization , in Armenian 9, Russian and English 10 font size.
  6. Disabling text in horizontal solid line, from the left corner of the page are given the Key Words (up to 5-8 words), in Armenian 10, Russian and English 11 font size
  7. Two lines down, in the article’s submitted language, in the middle, (Italic), is written summery of the article., 10-20 lines, in Armenian 9, Russian and English 10 font size
  8. Two lines down is given the main text of the article, in Armenian 10, Russian and English 11 font size.Тhe paragraphs begin from new line, 10 mm from the depths. The expound of the theme are guaranteed of the following scheme: “Introduction”, “conflict settings”, “Research results”, “Conclusion”. In case of need can also be other section with corresponding titles.
  9. The formulas are presented in separated lines, in the middle and are numbered on the right, in brackets. The formula , as well as math’s symbols and expressions are given in the text in Microsoft Equation, Italic 10 font size.
  10. There can be found pictures, diagrams , graphs and tables in texts. The pictures and diagrams are numbered by transit numbering by sign “Figure”. The description of pictures, diagrams , the names of pictures , diagrams graphs and the signs of description are given below. They can be placed vertical or horizontal in Armenian 9,Russian and English 10 bold font. Tables are numbered by “Table” transit numbering. The names of tables , sign description are given above. They could be placed vertical or horizontal. If the table can’t be placed on a single page, it must be transferred to the other page and mentioned as condonation. In table column must not be left free lines, there must be put dash or write “ not” (“determined”).
  11. Pictures , diagrams graphs in electronic version are colored as a rule.
  12. At the end of the article , two lines down, from 10 mm left corner is typed “literature” Armenian 11, Russian and English 12 bold font. A line down is presented the list of literature numbered by link sequence . In list the sources must be marked […] and include the authors last name and the first letter of name , full names of theme , publishing dates , ( place publishing, town, year, tom and pages). Official information as well as a-mail computer programs, reports, commands, copyrights patents, in case of patents are given the whole details. The sources are given in original languages. At the same time Armenian and Russian sources are given in Latin fonts.
  13. Оn separate pages is given the translation of the article headquarter sand summary.(besides article presented language), Armenian , Russian (resume) and English (summary).
  14. The Articles should be sent to the
  15. The published and corrected version of the text is submitted with author(s).
  16. On a separate sheet of paper are given the information about the authors (surname, name, affiliation (the whole), picture, academic degree, address, telephone, organization, position, e-mail.